Patriot Aircraft Co. stands as a proud symbol of unyielding adventure, freedom, and unwavering American values. With every flight, we embody the audacity to explore the vast unknown, the indomitable spirit of liberty, and the unyielding pursuit of our wildest dreams. Our bespoke aircraft represent the courage that has carried generations through the sky, defying limitations and embracing the thrill of the unknown. With our wings into the wind, we are, for the uncharted.

-Don Wade // CEO 


perfectly engineered

Forever in a category of its own, the Cub gives every pilot the thrill of flight while having capabilities that provide unparalleled access to explore new territory. The Super Patriot is the uncompromising embodiment of a legendary aircraft taken to the next level. LET'S talk about getting you in the air.
From the fighter inspired panel shape, to the easily visible fuel selector valve ergonomics and the flying experience were priorities when designing the cockpit . The 4 inch wider cabin might be most notable in the massive back seat, being adjustable and having under seat storage means passengers will never be at a loss for space.

The combination of a custom IO 320, Air Flow Performance fuel injection system, and E-Mags give the Super Patriot some truly modern muscle, delivering 176 horsepower without excess weight. 100 foot take offs and 2,500 fpm climb rates are easily achieved.

dream machine

the Super patriot

Glass panel
wider cabin
titanium gear
fuel injection
carbon fiber
increased safety
adjustable prop
larger flaps
Adjustable Prop
Fuel Injection
Titanium Gear
Coated Frame
Glass Panel


Garmin G3X Panel STANDARD
Top of the line package provides more situational awareness increasing safety
Aggressive Carbon Cowl
Better cooling with less drag
Proven Fuselage
Strong robust frame with a history of reliability and longevity
Constant Speed Prop
Optimum performance for your mission while reducing weight
Light Weight Improved and Larger Wings
Decreased weight without sacrificing strength
Self Powered Electronic Ignition
No ignition backup battery required eliminating limited emergency range
4 Inch Wider Cabin
Increased space and comfort  
Fuel Injection
More power and increased efficiency
Epoxy Coated Frame
Significant increased longevity
Cold Air Sump
Optimizing engine performance
Larger Flaps
Better STOL performance
Unparalleled Access To All Components
More visibility and easier maintenance increases safety
Titanium Gear Available
Acme Aero gear for reduced weight with added strength
Easily Removed Interior Panels
More visibility and easier maintenance increases safety
Bearinger Wheels & brakes Available
Reduced weight with increased breaking performance
Custom Designed Window Latches
Holds window open well above 80 mph
Digital Vertical Power System
Intuitive easy use and allows for unlimited customization w/ automatic reset
Opening Rear Window
Easier access to cargo area
Solid State Basic Power System (PPS)
Isolates starter cylinode and master cylinder for increased safety reliability
Turtle Shell
Revolutionary sliding cargo door allows for unparalleled access to cargo area

custom crafted
around each pilot


Rate of Climb
Up to 2,500 fpm
Empty Weight
1025 pounds
Stall Speed
32 mph
Gross Weight
1900 lbs
Take off Distance
65 Feet
Useful Load
875 lbs
Landing Distance
Under 200 Feet
Fuel Capacity
Up To 43 Gallons
Economy Cruise
90 mph
IO 320 (Modified)
EAB [Factory Builder Assist]
Up to 197
1 year
Wing Span
36' 4"
Frame Style
Reinforced Super Cub